Changes mark the course of grace

Yours is the day, yours also the night;
you have established the heavenly lights and the sun.
You have fixed all the boundaries of the earth;
you have made summer and winter. —Psalm 74:16-17 ESV

Henry Law(1878):

The works of creation teach as clearly as the works of providence and grace. In the realm of nature how wondrous are the changes which occur. The day brightly shines, but shadow soon overcasts the scene, and night in thick darkness hides all things from view. Again the morning dawns, the night and shadows flee away, and joy and gladness smile on the face of the awakened world.

The wealth and rich luxuriance of summer robes earth with beauty—makes it as Eden’s garden of delights, and fills it with the melody of heaven. But bright days shorten—winter comes, and strips the fields and groves and gardens of their bright attire, and binds the babbling streams in fetters of ice.

All these changes are the work of God. We are thus taught that changes, also, will mark the course of grace. It may not always be a summer-day. But faith knows that receding summer will return, and winter has its limits. Earth, also, has varying climates. God sets all the borders of the earth. Happy is it to mark His overruling hand, and to know well that He has done and will do all things well.