Just READ it!

It is never too late to begin a Bible reading plan.  Start today.  Click here for a downloadable plan. Heed this advice from J. C. Ryle.  Just do it.

Begin reading your Bible this very day. The way to do a thing is to do it, and the way to read the Bible is actually to read it. It is not meaning, or wishing, or resolving, or intending, or thinking about it; that will not advance you one step. You must positively read. There is no royal road in this matter, any more than in the matter of prayer. If you cannot read yourself, you must persuade somebody else to read to you. But one way or another, through eyes or ears, the words of Scripture must actually pass before your mind.

~ J.C. Ryle

Practical Religion, “Bible Reading”, 131.


2 thoughts on “Just READ it!

  1. J.C. Ryle hits it on the head as usual. What a godly man he was. “Practical Religion” is one of the best books I’ve read on the Christian faith…would highly recommend it to anyone, along with any of his writings, really.

    I heard John Piper talk about this in his sermon last week, and not to give up if you haven’t already started a Bible plan for this year. You’re right Pam, it’s never too late !

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