Immanuel-God With Us!

We just celebrated the birth of our dear Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, Immanuel, God with us!  J. C. Ryle further expands on the significance of the incarnation at Grace Gems: Let us take care that we have clear views of our Lord Jesus Christ’s nature and person. It is a point of the deepest … More Immanuel-God With Us!


In Job 36:26, Elihu says of God- Behold, God is great, and we know him not; the number of his years is unsearchable. I have 3 comments- Behold!  We need to look, to SEE God, as He is revealed in His Word, the Bible, and through Jesus, God Incarnate, Emmanuel, God With Us! God is … More Behold!

Veiled in flesh the Godhead see,Hail, the incarnate deity….

Think of Christmas carols and songs, especially the ones people like to sing the most, and the people and events surrounding Jesus’ birth. We sing of angels, shepherds, Mary and Joseph, the stable, Bethlehem, Wise Men, and all the familiar details. How often do we really think about the doctrine or theology of Jesus’ birth? … More Veiled in flesh the Godhead see,Hail, the incarnate deity….