Angels and Prayer

John Piper comments on Daniel 10-12, in a sermon, “Angels and Prayer”: But the point is this: Daniel’s praying was not about angels. And probably ours shouldn’t be either. We should wrestle in prayer and fasting for the things that we know are God’s will in our lives and our families and our church and … More Angels and Prayer

Drenched with the Spirit….Singing in the Rain

John Piper, in a sermon from Isaiah 44:1-5,  “A Precious Promise: The Outpouring of God’s Spirit” God promised in the eighth century BC that a day was coming when he would fill his upright servants with himself. The idea of pouring is the idea of copiousness. When we say, “It’s pouring outside,” we mean something … More Drenched with the Spirit….Singing in the Rain

God speaks through….me!

In “The Treasury of David,” Charles Spurgeon says: Verse 3. My mouth shall speak of wisdom. Inspired and therefore lifted beyond himself, the prophet is not praising his own attainments, but extolling the divine Spirit which spoke in him. He knew that the Spirit of truth and wisdom spoke through him. He who is not sure that … More God speaks through….me!