But you, O Lord….

But you, O Lord, are enthroned forever;

you are remembered throughout all generations. Psalm 102:12

It would be interesting to read through the Bible and mark every “…but God” that you come across. In Psalm 102, the author is clearly distressed and depressed. “But you, O Lord…” He remembers God’s sovereignty and His eternal existence.

Charles H. Spurgeon comments in The Treasury of David:

brilliantsunsetIn the first part of the Psalm, Ps 102:1-11, the moaning monopolizes every verse, the lamentation is unceasing, sorrow rules the hour.

The second portion, from Ps 102:12-28, has a vision of better things, a view of the gracious Lord, and his eternal existence, and care for his people, and therefore it is interspersed with sunlight as well as shaded by the cloud, and it ends up right gloriously with calm confidence for the future, and sweet restfulness in the Lord.

The whole composition may be compared to a day which, opening with wind and rain, clears up at noon and is warm with the sun, continues fine, with intervening showers, and finally closes with a brilliant sunset.


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