…until I proclaim your might to another generation

In Psalm 71, we read the prayer of an older saint, presumably David.  He has had a long life, with remarkable experiences and opportunities for his faith to grow.  In this prayer, he affirms His trust in God as his refuge and strength. He recalls how God has been his Rock and his Refuge.  He pleads for rescue and deliverance, and also promises to joyfully praise God.

So even to old age and gray hairs,
O God, do not forsake me,
until I proclaim your might to another generation,
your power to all those to come.
Your righteousness, O God,
reaches the high heavens.
You who have done great things,
O God, who is like you?
Psalm 71:18-19 ESV


Spurgeon comments:

Adoration is a fit frame of mind for the believer. When he draws near to God, he enters into a region where everything is surpassingly sublime; miracles of love abound on every hand, and marvels of mingled justice and grace. A traveller among the high Alps often feels overwhelmed with awe, amid their amazing sublimities; much more is this the case when we survey the heights and depths of the mercy and holiness of the Lord. O God, who is like unto thee.

This reminds me of the thoughts that the aging Apostle Paul expressed in 2 Timothy 1:12, as he is looking back over 30 years of walking with God.  He says,“But I am not ashamed, for I know whom I have believed, and I am convinced that he is able to guard until that Day what has been entrusted to me.”

Lord, may my prayers in old age be as David and Paul, constantly trusting in You as my strength, my Fortress, my Rock, my Hope, even if all around me is sinking sand. O God, who is like you?