The Rod-Proof of God’s immediate power appears in every part.

Numbers 17:6-8 Moses spoke to the people of Israel. And all their chiefs gave him staffs, one for each chief, according to their fathers’ houses, twelve staffs. And the staff of Aaron was among their staffs. And Moses deposited the staffs before the Lord in the tent of the testimony.  On the next day Moses went into the tent of the testimony, and behold, the staff of Aaron for the house of Levi had sprouted and put forth buds and produced blossoms, and it bore ripe almonds.

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Now, at this moment, God gives the miracle of the Budded Rod. Another sign now shames unbelieving doubts, and pictures Gospel-truth. The people had scorned Aaron’s priestly rights. God’s overflowing love selects this very time to add confirmation of His choice. Twelve rods are taken. Each bears the name of the chief ruler of a tribe. They are deposited before the ark. Thus the night passes. When the morrow comes, Moses re-enters. Eleven lie, as they were placed, withered, lifeless, dry. The twelfth, engraved with Aaron’s name, is changed–most marvelously changed! Verdure adorns it–but not verdure only. No branch was ever so enriched. Blossoms are joined to buds. And amid blossoms ripe fruits swell. Man’s hand has no share here. The proof of God’s immediate power appears in every part. The rod, thus vivified, is to be kept a constant sign. God’s voice commands, “Bring Aaron’s rod again before the testimony, to be kept for a sign against the rebels.” Numb. 17:10.

Let us now advance from the ancient record, to the still-living Gospel of the fact. The Rod in many graphic tints shows Jesus. The very name is caught by raptured prophets. Hark, how they announce Him. “There shall come forth a Rod out of the stem of Jesse, and a Branch shall grow out of his roots.” Is. 11:1. “Behold the man, whose name isThe Branch; and He shall grow up out of His place, and He shall build the temple of the Lord–and He shall bear the glory, and shall sit and rule upon His throne–and He shall be a Priest upon His throne.” Zech. 6:12, 13. Thus faith gleans lessons from the very title–Rod.

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