Ryle: Just the Savior that human nature needs

In Mark 5:21-43 we read that Jesus healed two different women, one a young girl and one who had suffered for years with a disease that doctors could not cure.  J.C. Ryle’s insightful comments:

Great is our Lord’s experience in cases of disease! Great is his sympathy with His sick and ailing members! The gods of the heathen are generally represented as terrible and mighty in battle, delighting in bloodshed, the strong man’s patrons, and the warrior’s friends. The Savior of the Christian is always set before us as gentle, and easy to be entreated, the healer of the broken hearted, the refuge of the weak and helpless, the comforter of the distressed, the sick man’s best friend. And is not this just the Savior that human nature needs?

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