Stepping on a few toes…

Paul steps on a few Corinthian toes.

John Piper comments:

[1 Corinthians 7] Verse 19 says literally, “Circumcision is nothing and uncircumcision is nothing, but keeping the commandments of God (is everything).” That was about the most offensive thing Paul could say to a Jew: Circumcision is nothing. And if we understand its broad cultural application, it offends all of us. But it’s true. Notice how radically different Paul’s rationale is for keeping your cultural distinctives than the rationale current in our day.

We say, white is beautiful, black is beautiful, red is beautiful, yellow is beautiful; therefore, don’t try to switch cultures.

Paul says, white is nothing, black is nothing, red is nothing, yellow is nothing, but keeping God’s commandments is everything; therefore, don’t try to switch cultures. Stay where you are and obey God.

Paul is a very unfashionable thinker and, therefore, eternally relevant. He is radically God-oriented. Everything, everything falls before the priority of God.

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