Thank God for his paralysis?

And when Jesus saw their faith, he said to the paralytic, “Son, your sins are forgiven.”— Mark 2:5 ESV

J. C. Ryle asked: “Who can doubt that to the end of his days this man would thank God for his paralysis?”

We are told that one paralyzed was brought to our Lord, at Capernaum, in order to be healed. Helpless and impotent, he was carried in his bed by four kind friends, and let down into the midst of the place where Jesus was preaching. At once the object of the man’s desire was gained. The great Physician of soul and body saw him, and gave him speedy relief. He restored him to health and strength. He granted him the far greater blessing of forgiveness of sins. In short, the man who had been carried from his house that morning weak, dependent, and bowed down both in body and soul, returned to his own house rejoicing.

Who can doubt that to the end of his days this man would thank God for his paralysis? Without it he might probably have lived and died in ignorance, and never seen Christ at all. Without it, he might have kept his sheep on the green hills of Galilee all his life long, and never been brought to Christ, and never heard these blessed words, “your sins are forgiven.” That paralysis was indeed a blessing. Who can tell but it was the beginning of eternal life to his soul?

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