A. W. Pink: Gleanings in Joshua

Arthur Walkington Pink was born on  April 1st, 1886.  Happy Birthday, A.W.! He was a pastor, evangelist and Biblical scholar, writing many books on Biblical doctrine and commentaries on the Bible.

A.W. Pink concludes his Introduction to “Gleanings in Joshua” with these words:

The contents of this book [Joshua] and the lessons which they are designed to teach us are greatly needed by our own generation.

  • First, in counteracting the one-sided “evangelism” of our day, which tells the sinner that all he has to do is to accept Christ as his personal Savior and Heaven is then his certain portion—ignoring the fact that there is a fight which must be fought and a race to be run before he can be crowned.
  • Second, in rebutting that doleful view that the Christian should expect nothing but frequent and well-nigh constant defeat in his warfare against the world, the flesh, and the devil—overlooking the truth that if he meets the required conditions he may “do all things through Christ strengthening him.”
  • Third, in setting before us, by clear exemplifications and striking illustrations, the rules and requirements upon which success is conditioned. Here, as nowhere else in Scripture, are we shown how we may be “over-comers.”
  • Fourth, in making known the blessed fact—so little apprehended by Christians today—that it is both their privilege and birthright to enter into a present possession and enjoyment of their Inheritance.

O that more of us may do so.

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