Messianic Glory

Pastor Kim Riddlebarger on the Transfiguration in Mark 9:

And so, while we look for God’s glory in Christ’s person and work (as Luther put it, in the cradle and on the cross), we also know that one day we will see the kingdom come in power. That will be the day when God raises the dead, judges the world and recreates heaven and earth. Therefore, Jesus’ transfiguration is a sign of Christ’s messianic glory, more importantly, it is the sign that God graciously veils his glory so that he can save his people from their sins. Yes, Jesus’ exaltation is sure to come.

The transfiguration is the proof to Peter, James and John, that God will fulfill his promises to his people. And so let us not forget that the revelation of Christ’s messianic glory comes only because Jesus was willing to humble himself and set aside his glory and remain obedient to the father’s will–obedient all the way to the cross.

And because he was obedient unto death, Jesus was raised King of kings and Lord of Lords. And one day, we will see his glory, and we will need not fear. Because for all those who are Christ, this will be the day of resurrection. Amen!

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