Peter: Scriptures fulfilled in Jesus

The following are notes taken from Pastor Mark Driscoll’s sermon, “Trial and Scripture” from 1 Peter 1:10-12

“As Peter continues to encourage believers in the midst of trial, he reminds us that the Scriptures were written in anticipation of the coming of Christ, but we have seen the Scriptures fulfilled in Jesus.  Therefore, we should be that much more encouraged and resolute in the promises of God.” (intro from the study guide)

The Bible is the story of salvation- we need a Hero, a Savior!  The prophets foretold Jesus.  No other religion has this!

  • Revelation, not speculation
  • inspired Words
  • prophecies about GRACE (ill-deserving sinners are forgiven!)
  • perfect communication
  • predictions about Jesus
  • unlike any other books
  • God wrote because He alone knows the future and has the power to bring it to pass!
  • Peter says the Bible is Truth

Verbal Plenary Inspiration

  • Verbal- the words of Scripture
  • Plenary-in ALL, the whole
  • Inspiration- God inspired

God does not lie, or make mistakes.  Think deeply for yourself- don’t believe the skeptics and pundits!

Propecies about Jesus (taken from “Vintage Jesus”)

  1. Is 7:14  700 BC Virgin birth
  2. Micah 5:2  700 BC  Bethlehem
  3. Malachi 3:1  400 BC John the Baptist
  4. Is 35:5-6  700 BC miracles
  5. Zech 11:12-13  500 BC  Betrayal, 30 pieces of silver
  6. Ps 22:16  1000 BC mob crucifies (written before crucifixion was invented!)
  7. Is 53:6-11  700 BC  sinless savior dies; 2 other thives; buried with rich

2 ways to look at the Bible:

  1. Moralize-  religious people do this. Say “Bible is not God’s Word, anecdotal moral truisms, inspiring devotional stories, not literal, DO what the good people in the Bible do…DON’T do what the bad people do….”
  2. Hero is Jesus!  It is not all about us trying to be good.  We are all bad.  Jesus is the only good guy.  The Bible is all about the losers, not the winners.  We are the villains, not the heroes!

In the Old Testament, there are many pointers to Jesus:

  • Theophanies (times Jesus appeared BEFORE the Incarnation and coming to take on human form…)
  • Types:  Jesus is the last Adam, the greater Moses, Abraham, Joseph and David; He is the Prophet, Priest and King; the animal sacrifice system pointed to Jesus, our Lamb and Good Shepherd.  It is ALL about JESUS!!

How do we approach the Bible?

  1. I stand over the Bible and decide which parts are relevant for me…
  2. I am under the authorithy of the Bible.  If the Bible says something different from what I believe, I change!

(In another post for today, we looked at King Jehoiakim and Thomas Jefferson’s view on Scripture….they just cut out the parts they didn’t like and just discarded them.  What is YOUR view of God’s Word?)