Driscoll: Money is a wonderful tool and a horrible god.

Intro to Mark Driscoll’s sermon, The Parable of the Dishonest Manager, on Luke 16:1-13

In this difficult parable, Jesus teaches about money from the negative example of a dishonest manager. Everything belongs to God, and we are to wisely steward it. Jesus gives us a kingly, priestly, and prophetic view of money: Christians—rich and poor—need to be shrewd stewards who use their money to love people because wealth will fail (if not in this life, then at the end of this life). Money is a wonderful tool and a horrible god. Your money reveals your heart. Are you a shrewd steward who is able to love others financially? Do you understand that, in time, invariably, your wealth will fail you?

Here is a clip, No Poverty or Prosperity Theology, from the sermon