J. C. Ryle: Let us beware of this infection, and believe to the saving of our souls.

J.C. Ryle on Matthew 24:

Finally, these verses teach us, that our Lord’s predictions will certainly be fulfilled. He says, “heaven and earth shall pass away, but my words shall not pass away.”

Our Lord knew well the natural unbelief of human nature. He knew that scoffers would arise in the last days, saying, where is the promise of His coming? (2 Pet. 3:4.) He knew that when He came, faith would be rare on the earth. He foresaw how many would contemptuously reject the solemn predictions He had just been delivering as improbable, unlikely, and absurd. He warns us all against such skeptical thoughts, with a caution of peculiar solemnity. He tells us that, whatever man may say or think, His words shall be fulfilled in their season, and shall not “pass away,” unaccomplished. May we all lay to heart His warning. We live in an unbelieving age. Few believed the report of our Lord’s first coming, and few believe the report of His second. (Isaiah 53:1.) Let us beware of this infection, and believe to the saving of our souls. We are not reading cunningly devised fables, but deep and momentous truths. May God give us a heart to believe them.

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2 thoughts on “J. C. Ryle: Let us beware of this infection, and believe to the saving of our souls.

  1. JC, For about a year now I have seen JC’s in clouds. Last year they were very clear. At one point I was with a Christian man and asked him if he saw what I did in the Horizon. What we saw was a JC in a Red Horizon. I asked the man that I knew what he thought of of what I was witnessing was? And he said, “that message is for you.” But it was as big as the wide open sky. Was it God? I have asked people and did not know. The Priest told me, “not to look up.” The Preachers didn’t seem to believe me and did not comment. People on the street verified with me what I was seeing as well. Even a large group of teenagers at the lake one day. We all seen, “Fearless.” Then after speaking with many people they told me that it could have been an imitator, like a demon. Please tell me what you think about all of this, because at times I also saw a demon in the sky, clearly. I also saw many pictures of animals and angels and the WORD, GOD. god. God. JESUS, Jesus, and at time, “S”. I saw many intials and when someone was around at the time, I verified it with everyone near me and every single person pretty much but maybe one verified that they saw what I saw. At the time that this was all occuring people were terrorizing me. They violated my home with wires. Broke into my car. Tampered with my car. And so many other VERY Vicious and Predatorial things occured by PEOPLE. They treated me inhumanly. And then the US Government covered it up.

  2. I was terrified. So I reached out to the Christian and Catholic Communities. God’s Holy Spirit loved me incredibly in both churches, at home, everywhere I went I felt him. When I would cry, I didn’t even have to ask for his mercy or peace. He automatically would dry my tears. He was so incredibly loving and merciful. Yet, the destruction that these terrorizers did to my life I will never recover from. I know that these individuals are going to hell. They lost their souls. All of them.

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