John Piper: GOD hits home in the stillness.

Psalm 46 tells us that we all have a need to slow down and just “be still.”  We need time for quiet reflection, but oh how little we actually do just that.  John Piper, in a 1991 sermon, “God: Refuge for His People, Exalted Among the Nations” explains:

One of the reasons we invest our lives in some insignificant ways is that we never become still enough to let the great realities hit us. We are always on the move. Always in a hurry. Or when we do stop, we flip on the radio or the TV and let somebody else’s hurry fill our minds.

Psalm 46:10 says, “Be still [or cease striving, cease hurrying, be still, be quiet] and know that I am God. I am [or: will be, it’s probably a promise] exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth!”

What that text says is that the life-revolutionizing impact of God’s supremacy in the world and his inevitable triumph over the nations, and the coming of his glorious kingdom of righteousness and peace—the impact of this awesome reality doesn’t hit us and hold us and shape us unless we become still, and quiet before God. GOD hits home in the stillness. If you want your life to be significant, you’ve got to stop running, and stop scurrying about, and turn off the TV and the radio, and get alone, and be quiet, and let the mammoth realities of human lostness and eternal judgment and never-ending joy and God’s universal triumph take hold of you and change your life.

To read or listen to the rest of the sermon, click here: “God: Refuge for His People, Exalted Among the Nations” November 10, 1991