Suffering unjustice? Defer to God

John Piper, in a sermon “How To Suffer for Doing What Is Right”

[1 Peter 2]Verse 23: “While being reviled, He [Jesus] did not revile in return; while suffering, He uttered no threats, but kept entrusting Himself to Him who judges righteously.”

Here is one of the most important keys to how patient endurance of unjust suffering shows God. When you endure unjust suffering “for the sake of conscience toward God,” you are not saying justice doesn’t matter; you are saying is that God is the final judge and will settle accounts justly. My abuser will not have the last say. God will have the last say. This is why I don’t need to. I defer to God. As Peter says, “I entrust myself, and not just myself, but my cause and my accusers, and the whole situation and the justice that needs to be done—I hand it all over to God.”

So my compliance is not an indifference to justice. It is a way of saying that the safest place for retaliatory justice is in God’s hands, not mine. The powerful cry of my heart that I get my rights is handed over to God. If I am to be vindicated, it will be God who vindicates me “when he has tried and purged me duly” through suffering.