Holier than mud?

In our Bible reading through 1 Chronicles, we come now to the story of Uzzah, for the second time. (The first time was in 2 Samuel.)  Here is the post that I wrote on May 16:

Uzzah-01The ark of the covenant was being transported in a cart. This was not the way it was supposed to be carried. The priests were supposed to carry it on their shoulders.  When one of the oxen stumbled, the ark looked like it was going to fall. Uzzah thinks he is doing God a favor by keeping it from tipping in the mud. But, God’s reaction was not, “Thank you, Uzzah, how thoughtful!” Instead, God killed Uzzah instantly!

Uzzah believed that he would be protecting the ark, saving it from desecration.  However, mud is just dirt and water doing what God designed it to do.  The mud is “obeying God.” Mud is not sinful. God’s law was NOT meant to keep the ark pure from mud, but from the dirty, sinful touch of a human hand.

Uzzah presumed his hands were more pure than the dirt. God said a resounding, “NOT!”