Matt Chandler: no real transformation=no saltiness

You are the salt of the earth, but if salt has lost its taste, how shall its saltiness be restored?  It is no longer good for anything except to be thrown out and trampled under people’s feet.  Matthew 5:13

What are the implications for sharing our faith, for missions?  Salt has a variety of benefits, and so do disciples of Jesus.  That is, if we haven’t lost our saltiness…

Matt Chandler is the Lead Pastor at The Village Church in  Texas and said in a 2007 sermon (pdf version or mp3 downloads, Salt of the Earth Part 1 or Light From Salt, Part 2), 

….salt, if it’s lost its saltiness is worthless…..  I believe it’s impossible to empirically argue against that on a whole, Evangelical[s] have completely lost our saltiness.  And what’s happened is that we’ve gotten great at believe but have not been transformed by what we say we believe.  And so, in the end, no matter what you want to look at numerically, whether it’s marriages or debt, how we spend our money or giving to charity.  You can empirically look across the line and we are either no better than or, even in some cases, worse than those who don’t believe what we do.  And so the Bible says, in the end, if you’ve mastered information but you haven’t mastered life, who cares?  If in the end, you can systematically and theologically unpack all the mysteries of God but you’ve been completely unmoved by them, then who cares?  And then in the end, this text says what happens when you have belief but no transformation, is you get to be a punchline on “South Park.”  That’s what you get.  Because what ends up happening is we run our mouths but there’s no transformation to support us running our mouths, so the church completely loses its place in culture and ends up being disrespected, ends up being mocked, ends up being openly shamed.  Because although what we believe is right and true, there’s been no transformation in which people can look and go, “Maybe they’re onto something here.”  But instead, we go, “Divorce is sinful.  I want a divorce.”  Or “You shouldn’t lust,” yet at pastor’s conferences there’s porn off the charts in the hotels.  So we’ve got believe, but there’s been no transformation.  And so, we’ve lost our saltiness.  It’s worthless.  Throw it out to be trampled by men.  So, you can not like this, but you cannot argue against it.