Rebuild it in Three Days?

Rebuild it in Three Days?

John Piper on Matthew 26:61, in a sermon, “What Jesus Built by Rising from the Dead,”-

Then, and only then – when that point has been made – does Jesus say in verse 19, “In three days I will raise it up.” Now he himself speaks only of his body. >From that day on – the day of that destruction in my death – he says, I will be the temple. No building and no place will ever be the focus again of where and how to meet God. I will be the place and the way to meet God. I am the Sacrifice needed to cover sin. I am the Priest, the only Mediator between God and man. I am the habitation, the dwelling place, of God.

Henceforth wherever men and women and little children want to meet God they may come to me – anywhere, anytime. The forgiveness they need, they find in me. The intercession they need, they find in me. The God they need, they find in me. I am the new Temple, and there will be no other.

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