Jonathan Edwards on Temptation (Joseph, Genesis 39-40)

In his sermon, Temptation and Deliverance, Jonathan Edwards states,

Possibly you may be confident of your own strength; and may think with yourself, that you are not in danger, that there is no temptation in these things, but what you are able easily to overcome. But you should consider that the most self-confidant are most in danger. Peter was very confidant that he should not deny Christ, but how dreadfully otherwise was the event! If others that have fallen into gross sins, should declare how it was with them; doubtless they would say, that they at first thought there was no danger. They were far from the thought that ever they should commit such wickedness; but yet by venturing further and further, they fell at last into the foulest and grossest transgressions. Persons may long withstand temptation, and be suddenly be overcome at last. None so much in danger, as the most bold. They are most safe, who are most sensible of their own weakness; most distrustful of their own hearts; and most sensible of their continual need of restraining grace. 

2 thoughts on “Jonathan Edwards on Temptation (Joseph, Genesis 39-40)

  1. I love Jonathan Edwards’ use of “restraining grace” in reference to the kind of help we need in our temptations. I will be using that phrase in my prayers!

  2. Oh, Mary, how true! When I look back on my life, I find that I am very thankful for God’s restraining grace, too, even though at the time I didn’t realize it was God and His grace!

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