God’s Invincible Purpose in Our Salvation

We begin our reading of Ephesians this month.  Here is a snippet from a sermon by John Piper, “God Has Chosen Us in Him Before the Foundation of the Earth” God’s purpose in the salvation of his people is invincible—it cannot fail—because it is based first not on our choosing God but on God’s choosing … More God’s Invincible Purpose in Our Salvation

Sovereignly Chosen for Missions

He was understandably reluctant.  He had heard the horror stories.  All his friends at church were afraid.  He knew the reputation of this man as a terrorizer.   This man was a murderer of missionaries. He spouted threats against believers wherever he went.  And now God was telling him, Ananias, to go and pray for this man! “But LORD….I have heard….”   … More Sovereignly Chosen for Missions