Life does not have a “delete” key

Steve Zeisler, in a message on 2 Samuel 12-19, preached at Peninsula Bible Church: Typewriters have become obsolete, like slide rules and rotary telephones. I think that’s a good thing. Typing was one of my worst classes in high school. Fine motor skills are not my strength. And unfortunately for me there was no way … More Life does not have a “delete” key

Sin and Consequences

Bob Deffinbaugh comments on 2 Samuel 13 and the tragedy in Israel’s royal family: ….this text is placed immediately following the passage that depicts David’s sin and its personal consequences in the death of his first son by Bathsheba. This is not only because the events of chapter 13 follow closely in time to those of … More Sin and Consequences

A Word of Warning

Bob Deffinbaugh comments in a sermon, “What an Amalekite is Dying to Tell David”  in 2 Samuel 1- It is a word of warning to any who may be trusting in his or her own righteousness for eternal salvation, who expects that God will surely welcome you with open arms though you have rejected His provision … More A Word of Warning