“Now then do it”

2 Samuel 3-4 is the passage in our Bible reading plan today. David’s waiting on the Lord seems to have paid off. After seven and a half years, God sovereignly brings about events leading to David being crowned king of all Israel.

Some practical advice comes from a statement made by Abner that we can apply in our own lives. Abner went to the people of Israel and said that they had sought for David in the past to be their king, and he added, “Now then do it” (2 Sam. 3:18).

Jesus Christ is God’s appointed King in our lives, as David was appointed and then anointed for the kingship of Israel.

“Now then do it

The name “Christ” means the “anointed of God.”



King of kings and Lord of lords.

Is He King in your life?

“Now then do it



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