Limits of the law

Limits of the law: It could point out a persons unclean condition, but had no means to clean.

Bob Deffinbaugh explains, in a sermon on Leviticus 12-15, “Offending God: The Clean and the Unclean”

It is at this point that the Israelite of Moses’ day came to a very sobering realization. While the Law could pronounce a person unclean, it made no provision to make him clean.

  • The priest could declare an unclean person unclean,
  • and he could pronounce a clean person clean,
  • but there was no means to cure the condition which produced the uncleanness.

It was only with the coming of Christ, who inaugurated the New Covenant, that the condition of uncleanness, and the curse of Adam, would be remedied.


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