Spurgeon: He is worthy of our confidence

“And now, O Lord, for what do I wait?
        My hope is in you. —Psalm 39:7 ESV

From Charles Spurgeon’s comments on Psalm 39, The Treasury of David:

My hope is in thee. The Lord is self existent and true, and therefore worthy of the confidence of men; he will live when all the creatures die, and his fulness will abide when all second causes are exhausted; to him, therefore, let us direct our expectation, and on him let us rest our confidence.

Away from sand to rock let all wise builders turn themselves, for if not today, yet surely ere long, a storm will rise before which nothing will be able to stand but that which has the lasting element of faith in God to cement it. David had but one hope, and that hope entered within the veil, hence he brought his vessel to safe anchorage, and after a little drifting all was peace.

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