Addressing the mob that tried to kill him

Pastor Steven Cole of Flagstaff, AZ preached a sermon on our Bible reading passage for today.  Here is an excerpt from “God’s Mighty Power to Save”

If I had just gotten beaten up by an angry mob that was trying to kill me, but I got rescued, I don’t think that the first thought on my mind would be to preach the gospel to them! I would have been thinking, “I’m safe! Get me out of here so I can recover from this traumatic experience!” But Paul had the presence of mind to ask permission from the Roman commander to address the mob that had just attacked him. Granted that permission, he addressed the crowd in their native Aramaic and identified himself with them as a Jew. His address falls into three parts:

  1. His life before his conversion(22:1-5);
  2. the experience of his conversion (22:6-14);
  3. and, his commission to preach the gospel to all men, including the Gentiles (22:15-21).

But when he uttered that despised word,“Gentiles,” the mob that had been listening went ballistic, calling for his death. He was not able to finish his message.

Pastor Cole goes on to explain that Paul’s testimony teaches us five things.  To read more about each point that he makes, go to the sermon text by clicking here:

  1. Paul’s testimony teaches us that being zealously religious does not reconcile us to God.
  2. Paul’s testimony teaches us that salvation is by God’s grace and power, not by our merit or will power.
  3. Paul’s testimony teaches us that God often must humble us before He extends His mercy toward us.
  4. Paul’s testimony teaches us that baptism is an important confession of our faith in Christ.
  5. Paul’s testimony teaches us that God saves us for His purpose, not for our agendas.

2 thoughts on “Addressing the mob that tried to kill him

  1. I went and read the whole sermon as I am praying for my husband’s return to the Lord. Instead of the formulas that we are given and the strong free will lobby, I loved the reminder that
    God first does a work of grace in our hearts.
    No one would ever choose Him. No one comes to Jesus unless the Father draws him (John 6:44). No one is able to come to Jesus unless it has been granted him from the Father (John 6:65).
    No one knows who the Father is except the Son, and anyone to whom the the Son wills to reveal Him (Luke 10:22).
    Our salvation rests not on our will or our effort, but only on God who shows mercy (Rom. 9:16),
    Thank you for this humbling reminder for prayer.

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