Acts 12: If You Oppose Jesus, You Lose

Here is a summary of the main point of Acts 12, the passage in our read-through-the-Bible plan today.  It is taken from the introduction of a sermon by John Piper, “Execution, Escape and Eaten by Worms”:

The chapter begins with Herod killing James the apostle of the Lord Jesus (v. 2), and ends with the angel of the Lord killing Herod (v. 23). The main point of the chapter is plain: if you oppose Jesus, you lose. Luke put this chapter together to make this plain for the early church: you may feel small and insignificant in the Roman empire; you may think that you are overpowered when some of your best leaders are killed on a political whim. But the truth is: if you stay with Jesus, you win, and if you oppose him, you lose. So be encouraged. Be bold and courageous to spread the Word of truth and leave the outcome to God.