Piper: Why I Abominate the Prosperity Gospel

A few comments on Matthew 8:18-20

“Teacher, I will follow You wherever You go”: After witnessing the miracles of Jesus, many folks thought  following Him might be more “glamorous” than it really was. I imagine that Jesus may have received many spontaneous offers like this. We, too, tend to buy in to the prosperity gospel mentality that following Jesus will be easy and make us rich.

But Jesus replies,  Foxes have holes and birds of the air have nests, but the Son of Man has nowhere to lay His head”: Jesus didn’t tell the man “No, you can’t follow Me.” But He told him the truth, how following Him would be in reality, without painting a glamorized version of what it like to follow Him. This is exactly the opposite of what many evangelists today are saying, but Jesus wanted the man to know what it would really be like. Today you will hear messages like these:

  • “children of the King, we should live like kings”
  • “God doesn’t want you to be poor, if you just have enough faith, you’d have everything you want”
  • “riches are a sign of God’s blessing”.

But in today’s passage, we hear Jesus Himself saying that He is homeless! He doesn’t even have a bed to sleep on. Don’t believe the prosperity preachers; believe Jesus, follow Jesus and know that HE is enough when life is hard.


4 thoughts on “Piper: Why I Abominate the Prosperity Gospel

  1. So true! Prosperity teachers sound more like ‘new-age’ teachers. These things they often say are not true. I heard a mega-church guy say “…And you will receive blessings like I have.” whaaaaaa whaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?

    I wanted to scream out to people! NOOOOOoooooooooo! This guy is full of bologna!!! He is only rich because he is tickling your ears and saying what you want to hear…and you keep giving him money!!!! yikers. I bet his mega church would be mega dead if he actually spoke the truth about sin and repentance. People don’t like that stuff called truth. He ain’t dumb…he is just deceptive.

    What I have learned, sometimes not even having a bed to lay on throughout the past few years and very few belongings–2 bags….it was the very best place I could have ever been–as I look back on it now. Strangely, I was taught much about trusting in HIM and being taken care of by HIM and not to worry. He made me very strong in faith by this! seriously. And the knowledge He has given me…I am so rich…so very mega rich by what I have learned in this crazy walk of mine…that it rox my sox off. (a few things have changed- I do sleep on a bed now–and I have 4 bags instead of 2 …but I am so megaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa RICH! hehehe 0:)

  2. The true Gospel is here and this is real. Prosperity Preachers have crept in and they are the first hand Antichrist tool. Thank you for this word!

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