The Creator is not limited by man-made objects.

Steven Cole draws out some interesting points in our reading in Acts 7:39-60

Note the repetition in his sermon of the word “hands.”

  • In 7:41, he mentions how in the incident of the golden calf, Israel rejoiced in the work of their hands.
  • In 7:48, Stephen declares, “However, the Most High does not dwell in houses made by human hands.”
  • In 7:50, through Isaiah, God declares, “Was it not My hand which made all these things?”

Stephen’s point is, men can build idols with their hands, and even temples that they mistakenly think God will dwell in, but the Most High God and Creator is not limited by man-made objects. Whether we worship in a beautiful temple or at a burning bush in the wilderness, we must reckon with His holy presence by cleansing our hearts from all idolatry and wickedness. It is possible to go through the impressive outward motions of worship, but to have stiff necks and uncircumcised hearts and ears (7:51). It is possible to boast in our knowledge of God’s Word, but not to obey it (7:53).


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