God give us grace to face the Sermon on the Mount

Here are encouraging words from  D. Martin Lloyd-Jones in “Studies in the Sermon on the Mount”–

He [Jesus] came, I say, and lived and died and rose again and sent the Holy Spirit in order that you and I might live the Sermon on the Mount.  Do not say it has nothing to do with us.  Why, it has everything to do with us! If only all of us were living the Sermon on the Mount, men would know that there is dynamic in the Christian gospel; they would know that this is a live thing; they would not go looking for anything else.  They would say, ‘Here it is.’ And if you read the history of the Church you will find it has always been when men and women have taken this Sermon seriously and faced themselves in the light of it, that true revival has come.  And when the world sees the truly Christian man, it not only feels condemned, it is drawn, it is attracted.  Then let us consider it that we may see what we can be.  For it not only states the demand; it points to the supply, to the source of power.  God give us grace to face the Sermon on the Mount seriously and honestly and prayerfully until we become living examples of it, and exemplifiers of its glorious teaching. —D. Martin Lloyd-Jones, “Studies in the Sermon on the Mount,” chapter 1 General Introduction, page 14


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