Sovereign history

John 17:1 When Jesus had spoken these words, he lifted up his eyes to heaven, and said, “Father, the hour has come; glorify your Son that the Son may glorify you,

John Mac Arthur:

Do you know what that statement acknowledges? Fantastic truth … that statement acknowledges that God is the sovereign of history. Did you get that? History is no accident, folks. History’s not just flailing around. History’s not just kind of floating down stream. History is going a positive direction energized and planned and mapped out and charted by a sovereign God who runs the universe. History is no accident. It’s going exactly the way God planned it to go. He knew exactly what would happen and designed the hour for it to take place … this is sovereign history.

And you find this all throughout Scripture. Why in Daniel chapter 9 He predicted the very year, the very month that the Messiah would enter Jerusalem. Remember Daniel seventy weeks? The book of Revelation tells us about the tribulation, how many years it will be, how it will be split into two three and a half year periods, how many months it will be. The Bible is explicit in terms of direct testimony on the basis of time. And when Jesus was born Paul called it the fullness … what? … of time. God is operating the clock of history and Jesus is conscious … watch this … that for every event in the mighty drama of redemption there is a moment on God’s calendar and that moment is when it will happen, not before and not after. There is a time appointed in the eternal decree. History and its redemptive strain is the moment by moment materializing of the plan and the will of God. Did you get that? History is the moment by moment materializing of the plan and the will of God. That’s what history is. It’s no accident.

And in that plan the strain of redemptive history winds through at precise moments, hours, minutes when God designs to do His perfect work. And so, Jesus acknowledges sovereign history on the part of God.

I’ll tell you, boy, it’s exciting … really exciting to contemplate the fact that God is writing history. I mean, that’s security. You know, nothing ever got away from God yet. Did you know that? God has not lost His grip on the world. And so many Christians, you hear — Oh, where is God … what’s happened to God in our world. See. Nothing’s happened to God. God’s just up there doing exactly what He’s planned to do all along. It’s all going the way it was designed to go. Sin runs its course, God designed sin to run its course and then destroy it. God designed the redeemed remnant to come to Him all the way along the line, and they do. History is God’s will materializing.

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