One way: Jesus and Jiaozi

Jesus said to him, “I am the way, and the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.”  John 14:6

One year, we had a Chinese couple in our outreach Bible study group who were intrigued with the Christian message and especially with the Gospel of John.  We had many opportunities to share Jesus and help them contrast the saving grace of Jesus with what they had learned about Buddha.  Many times they were amazed at what the Bible taught and equally amazed at their lack of Biblical knowledge.  At one point, Dr. L, a cardiovascular surgeon and cancer researcher, said to us, “I feel like a baby when it comes to the Bible.”

One night we gathered to experience the traditional making of Chinese dumplings, potstickers, known in Chinese as “jiaozi.”  We were eager learners, and they were the expert professionals.  They explained all the steps and procedures to follow as we prepared this Chinese favorite.  As we mixed the meat and vegetables for the filling, they emphasized how important it was to stir the mixture in ONE direction only.  If we were to reverse the direction of the stirring, it would disrupt the fibers and cause the filling to be more likely to fall apart when cooking.  Clockwise or counterclockwise only. This was the key.

One way jiaozi and one way Jesus. Jesus said that HE was the ONE way to God.  No other ways will get one to God.  The exclusivity of the Gospel is that Jesus is the ONLY way, the Truth and the Life.  NO ONE comes to God by any other way.  But Jesus invites ALL to come to Him!


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