Who is full of hot air?

Sam Storms comments on Eliphaz’s Second Speech (Job 15)

A rebuke – 15:1-16

1.  For Job’s irreverent talk – vv. 1-6

He ridicules Job, insisting that his words flow from a belly filled with hot air rather than from his mind or heart, the center of reason. “You have belched out useless words that will serve only to undermine the faith of others. Your words are causing others to stumble, so shut up!”

2.  For Job’s unwarranted claim to be wise – vv. 7-13

3.  For Job’s unwarranted claim to be pure – vv. 14-16

These verses are accurate in their portrayal of man’s total depravity apart from divine grace, but to apply them to Job as an explanation of why he is suffering is contrary to the evidence of Job’s life.


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