Ryle: strive to be men and women of a tender heart

J.C. Ryle comments on one of the shortest verses in the Bible:

This weeping of Christ is deeply instructive. It shows us that it is not sinful to sorrow. Weeping and mourning are sadly trying to flesh and blood, and make us feel the weakness of our mortal nature. But they are not in themselves wrong. Even the Son of God wept. It shows us that deep feeling is not a thing of which we need be ashamed. To be cold and stoical and unmoved in the sight of sorrow is no sign of grace. There is nothing unworthy of a child of God in tears. Even the Son of God could weep. It shows us, above all, that the Savior in whom believers trust is a most tender and feeling Savior. He is one who can be touched with sympathy for our infirmities. When we turn to Him in the hour of trouble, and pour out our hearts before Him, He knows what we go through and can pity. And He is One who never changes. Though He now sits at God’s right hand in heaven, His heart is still the same that it was upon earth. We have an Advocate with the Father, who, when He was upon earth, could weep.

Let us remember these things in daily life, and never be ashamed of walking in our Master’s footsteps. Let us strive to be men and women of a tender heart and a sympathizing spirit. Let us never be ashamed to weep with those who weep, and rejoice with those who rejoice. Well would it be for the Church and the world if there were more Christians of this stamp and character! The Church would be far more beautiful, and the world be far more happy.


3 thoughts on “Ryle: strive to be men and women of a tender heart

  1. This explains a lot. I found myself on my knees (intensely) weeping on Friday. I had burden on my heart I’d never felt (I’ve had burdens, but not with this awful intensity.) It finally lifted about mid-day. Now I understand why I’ve been so wiped out since then! Insightful!
    – Kenzel

  2. So timely after this past week – I think everyone is just exhausted sometimes for things we can’t even explain. Important to take a step back and let God meet us and comfort us so we can do the same for others

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