God is reminding us that He is in control

God said to Pharaoh:

“You consider yourself a lion of the nations,

but you are like a dragon in the seas;
you burst forth in your rivers,
trouble the waters with your feet,
and foul their rivers.
Thus says the Lord God:
I will throw my net over you
with a host of many peoples,
and they will haul you up in my dragnet.—
Ezekiel 32:2-3

Pharaoh viewed himself as strong as a lion, able to chew up anyone he wanted. God saw him as “a dragon in the seas” (maybe a large, powerful crocodile?)  swimming in the Nile River. Because he was so strong and powerful, he did whatever he wanted.  He stirred up all kinds of trouble, zig-zagging through the water. The surrounding nations were terrified and many formed alliances with Egypt, thinking that this powerful nation could never be defeated. In man’s eyes, Pharaoh was strong, powerful, invincible. But in God eyes?

This powerful “sea” monster was no match for God. When the time is right, God says “I’m going fishing!”  He gets out His net and captures Pharaoh as easily as if he were a goldfish.

It is good to be reminded of the sovereignty of God, of His ultimate control over all of history.  When we look around us, at the things that are happening in this world, the way evil is spreading like wild fire, it is easy to lose heart and become discouraged.  We see the problems we face as “terrible monsters” and think there is no hope. God is reminding us, “I will spread my net over them. I am in control.”

We know the end of the story, Satan loses, God wins! No matter what you face today, be encouraged….God is sovereign over over ALL monsters!


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