Think the Bible is hard to understand?

John Piper concludes his sermon series in 2 Peter 3:

….even though Scripture is inspired, it is not all easy to understand. Verse 16: “There are some things in them hard to understand.” I would love to preach an hour on the implications of that sentence; but since I don’t have time, here is an outline of that sermon.

  • Point 1: Being inspired, the Scriptures reveal the mind of God.
  • Point 2: The mind of God is vastly greater than our mind and will often be perceived by us as strange and complex, not familiar and simple.
  • Point 3: Therefore, the Scriptures will sometimes be strange and complex and hard to understand.
  • Point 4: The continued selection only of what is simple in the Bible would be a sin in the regular preaching of the church, because Hebrews 5:13 says, “Everyone who lives on milk is unskilled in the word of righteousness; for he is a child.”
  • Point 5: Therefore, preaching which aims to deliver the whole counsel of God in Scripture (and which does not presume to be wiser than the apostles) will sometimes be complex and will demand from God’s people the utmost in humility and mental effort.

2 thoughts on “Think the Bible is hard to understand?

  1. Point 1 is something that has aided me greatly. God is revealing His mind to me. Its not my thought. Its His eyes seeing His mind through me. This makes me much less defensive over the revelations he gives me. I almost wrote I have not he gives me. When I own it, it makes me defensive. When it is His I have faith knowing that He will reveal it to them one day. This leaves room for me to hear them out so that I can allow God’s perspective from the shine on as well.

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