Knowing God through the difficult passages

Ezekiel is a book of the Bible filled with  strange things, hard to understand things.  It is tempting to skip over some of these passages.  I’ve done that.  But in doing so, we miss some wonderful things.

When you read through Ezekiel 4-8 today, notice how many times God tells Ezekiel about things that will happen to the people of Israel and says,

  • “and THEN you shall KNOW that I am the Lord.”
  • or “and THEN they shall KNOW that I am the Lord.”

We may not be able to understand the meanings and details of the prophetic words.  We may not remember all the historical circumstances that brought about God’s punishments.  We may not be able to explain what Ezekiel meant by certain references.

BUT one of the main points that is repeated multiple times through out this book is that one of the great purposes of God is that we come to KNOW that He indeed is the Lord God. He will uses all kinds of means to get our attention.  And an end result is that we WILL KNOW He is the Lord.


One thought on “Knowing God through the difficult passages

  1. Great point! I don’t think I’ve ever seen this in Ezekiel. Although it’s a strong common thread throughout the entire Bible. We get way to hung up over some of the cultural stuff and miss the main point–God wants us to really KNOW Him. Thanks for pointing it out! (Even in ole Zeke!)

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