Piper: God never “gets lucky”

O Lord, you are my God;
I will exalt you; I will praise your name,
for you have done wonderful things,
plans formed of old, faithful and sure.—
Isaiah 25:1

John Piper comments:

God is a planning God. He gives forethought to what he does. He is wise. And if you believe that he is all-knowing, then he is never playing catch-up ball. He takes all his knowledge into account in making all his plans. He is never caught off guard.

FieldgoalIf a football team wins with a 50 yard field goal in the last three seconds, you might call that a minor wonder. But in God’s case, Isaiah says, his wonders are planned. If he wins in the last three seconds of the battle with an arrow shot on a venture, he planned it that way. God never “gets lucky.” Isaiah likes to stress this (cf. 46:9–10). It gives God more glory than if his wonders had to fit into the random flow of history without plan.