Desire without knowledge?

Proverbs 19:2 Desire without knowledge is not good

Ever had someone give you a hard time for being a student of the Bible?  Ever had someone ridicule your love for theology?  Ever had a Christian brother or sister say, “Just love Jesus and avoid asking the hard questions.  Theology just divides people.  Just love Jesus.”

While I certainly advocate loving Jesus with my heart and soul, I also know that the Bible tells us to love Jesus with all of our MINDS, too.  Theology is simply the study of God and Who He is.  And here in the passage from Proverbs for today, we read that “Desire without knowledge is not good.”   How can we truly love and worship Someone we do not know?  God has revealed Himself to us in Scripture and in His Son, Jesus.  We should be joyfully pursuing the knowledge of Him!  The more we KNOW of Him (THEOLOGY), the more we will LOVE Him and worship Him (DOXOLOGY).

Endless singing of love songs to Jesus in worship is empty unless we really KNOW Who it is that we are singing about.  The reverse is also true.  If we endlessly pursue knowledge of God and it never leads us to break out in worship, we are missing the main point!  John Piper puts it this way,

All theology, rightly grasped, leads the mind and the heart to doxology. The story of God is about the glory of God. All revelation of the ways of God leads to exultation over the wonders of God.


3 thoughts on “Desire without knowledge?

  1. Wonderfully commented! Thank you for allowing for reasonable Christianity. Like Schaeffer said, Faith and Reason are NOT mutually exclusive. THAT concept didn’t come about until the so-called “Enlightenment” of the 1700’s.

  2. Knowing the scriptures accurately is nothing but beneficial to each believer! The Bible is our guide to life in Christ – why wouldn’t you want to know as much as you possibly could from and about it? Great post!

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