We get His strength and He gets the glory

Nehemiah 6 tells of a tough situation in Nehemiah’s life.  He and the people were just about finished building the wall, but his enemies were out to get him.

  • they intended to do Nehemiah harm(v 2)
  • they were spreading false rumors, “invented in their own mind” v8 (that Nehemiah and the people were intending to rebel v6 and set up Nehemiah as king v6)
  • they wanted to frighten Nehemiah so they would stop their work

What did Nehemiah do?  He prayed.  “But now, O God, strengthen my hand.”

He needed strength, for he was about to be counseled by some of his own people to run away and hide in the temple.  He recognized that this was not godly counsel, and wisely discerned that his enemies has hired such people to make him afraid, give him a bad name and taunt him.

When the wall was finished, the surrounding nations were afraid “for they perceived that this work had been accomplished with the help of our God.”

Lord, strengthen my hands.  And when You act on my behalf, You will get the glory!

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