Why do you keep God’s law?

I hate and abhor falsehood, but I love your law. Seven times a day I praise you for your righteous rules.

Great peace have those who love your law; nothing can make them stumble. Psalm 119:163-165, ESV

To love a law may Seem strange; but it is the only true divine life.

  • To keep it because we are afraid of its penalties is only a form of fear or prudential consideration.
  • To keep it to preserve a good name may be propriety and respectability.
  • To keep it because it is best for society may be worldly self interest.
  • To keep it because of physical health may be the policy of epicurean philosophy.
  • To keep it because we love it is to show that it is already part of us — has entered into the moral texture of our being. Sin then becomes distasteful, and temptations lose their power.

— W.M. Statham, quoted in “Atictoilette Commentary on the Psalms”, 1879.