Will my legacy be one of judgment or grace?

Coty Pinckney, in a sermon, “A Time for Grace, a Time for Judgment”

In today’s text, [1 Kings 13-14] we see that God does not zap Jeroboam after he creates the golden calves. Instead, God reaches out to Jeroboam, in a way that has many parallels with His reaching out to David by Nathan the prophet. God shows Jeroboam his sin, shows him the consequences of continuing in the path he is walking – and shows that He is a God who answers prayer, a God who heals, a God who will forgive. But Jeroboam rejects God’s grace – and then, later in his life, in a moment of personal tragedy when he seeks prophecy from God, he hears not grace but judgment. And Jeroboam’s legacy of sin is all that is left.

My friends, this is a sobering story, a story that God brought you here this morning to hear. There are no accidents in God’s plan. You are here this morning by His will, to hear this His word proclaimed to you. As we consider this man’s tragic life, ask yourself two sets of questions:

  • What is my legacy? If I were to die today, what would my legacy be?
  • And even more importantly: Am I trifling with God, like Jeroboam? If I were to die today, do I face only a terrifying expectation of judgment?

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