Stunning, sweet portrayal of God’s Word

Sam Storms begins:

Sweeter Than Honey to My Mouth!

Psalm 119 has long been an enigma to many Christians, especially those who testify to boredom and confusion when they read God’s Word. The attitude of the psalmist is baffling to them. He speaks repeatedly of a joy and unparalleled delight and a spiritual exhilaration when he reads and meditates on Scripture, affections that are largely foreign to their experience.

So here’s what I propose. Quickly read this meditation and then slowly read the psalm in its entirety. Then read it again. And then yet again, slowly, saturating your spirit in every syllable and sentence. This is what I did on the day I composed this meditation, only to discover, as if for the first time in a long time, a progressive awakening in my heart and a quickening in my spirit of the mind-blowing beauty, sin-killing power, and breath-taking expanse of God’s Word.

As I read the psalm, and then re-read it, again and again, I began to see a number of issues and points of emphasis that are obviously dear to the psalmist’s heart, issues that I long to find a permanent place in mine as well. I pray that these ten observations will assist you in your reading of this stunning portrayal of God’s Word and its operation in your life.

Over the course of the next few days, I will post these 10 observations from Sam Storms.  If you just can’t wait, click here:

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