These shadows will fall away

As we read in 1 Kings about Solomon’s  construction of the Temple, we need to be reminded that it was a shadow.  John Piper comments on this in an introduction to a message, “Jesus: Mediator of a Better Covenant”

  • The tabernacle and temple were a shadow;
  • the official priesthood was a shadow;
  • the animal sacrifices were a shadow;
  • the feasts and dietary laws were a shadow.

And when Christ came, the shadows began to fall away, because Christ himself is the Reality.

  • He is our temple and tabernacle, our focus and place of worship.
  • He is our High Priest and Mediator and Intercessor.
  • He is our atoning sacrifice.
  • He is our Passover feast and spiritual food.
  • He is our purity and holiness that sets us off from other people.

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