Spurgeon: Personal protest against unrighteous gain

“But as for me, I shall walk in my integrity; redeem me, and be gracious to me.” —Psalm 26:11

C. H. Spurgeon, in the Treasury of David:

Here is the lover of godliness entering his personal protest against unrighteous gain. He is a Nonconformist, and is ready to stand alone in his Nonconformity. Like a live fish, he swims against the stream. Trusting in God, the psalmist resolves that the plain way of righteousness shall be his choice, and those who will, may prefer the tortuous paths of violence and deceit. Yet, he is by no means a boaster, or a self righteous vaunter of his own strength, for he cries for redemption and pleads for mercy. Our integrity is not absolute nor inherent, it is a work of grace in us, and is marred by human infirmity; we must, therefore, resort to the redeeming blood and to the throne of mercy, confessing that though we are saints among men, we must still bow as sinners before God.


4 thoughts on “Spurgeon: Personal protest against unrighteous gain

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